Meet The Owner!

Meet John!

Dunn brothers coffee University

John is the proud owner of three Dunn Brothers Coffee locations, he currently owns TCF Tower, East Lake Street, and the University Ave locations. Originally from Australia, he moved to the US in 1992 and began working in corporate America. He bought his first franchise in 2003, the University Ave location. From there John fell in love with being a franchise owner and went on to open two more locations, TCF Tower and East Lake Street in 2004.

You probably have seen John in all three of his locations with a smile on his face mingling with the customers. A little fun fact about our amazing owner, he can’t resist an Espresso Macchiato. Be sure to stop in to one of these locations today and say hello to John. Read more
Dunn Bros Coffee - University Ave

Light, Medium, or Dark?

Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts, What The Heck Is The Difference?

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Dunn Bros Coffee - University Ave

Get To Know Your Beans!

How Well Do You Know Your Coffee Beans?

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Dunn Bros Coffee - University Ave

Score Exclusive Offers!

Exclusive Offers Just For You!

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Dunn Bros Coffee - University Ave